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As the principal quantity surveyor in the health section of a public sector construction authority during the late 1980s, Declan Tierney was frustrated by the number of projects that, while completed on time and within budget, consistently missed the mark in terms of essential functionality, value for money and users' required needs. Out of this frustration came inspiration and so Tierney Page Kirkland (TPK) was founded, almost 20 years ago.

Initially, TPK focused primarily on Value Management and achieved remarkable results. The Value Management process involves a thorough examination of the rationale underpinning projects, leading to a concise statement of objectives. With this critical agreement "locked-in" decision making proceeds with far greater certainty and reduced risk. Opportunities for value adding are explored and consensus agreements emerge. Over the years clients sought assistance with decision making in other important areas and as a result, our services have evolved. Today, TPK offers an extensive range of specialities where focused thinking, open communication and creativity provide the basis to the resolution of complex issues. All of the services provided by TPK are geared to assisting clients to make superior decisions, leading to results that enjoy universal acclaim.

Our expertise lies in our ability to muster a diverse group of stakeholders in a combined enterprise where the innovation and specialist knowledge of all individuals is shared and harnessed to exploit synergies and produce outstanding results, making your business and projects more profitable. As independent facilitators TPK has no personal interest in the directions chosen - we optimise the group's process and structure, thereby enabling participants to focus on content and outcomes. With almost 20 years experience and countless successful projects under our belt we are totally confident in claiming that We are leaders in facilitation.

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Workshop Participant, TAFE NSW

Declan and Robyn managed a well paced agenda keeping the discussions moving, on track, and encouraging maximum participation.

Chris Barrett, Hunter Tech Services

This was one of the most well organised workshops I have ever attended. The context of the programming was all relevant. All who attended were kept focused on why we were there

Louise Kavanagh, Senior Finance Manager, Colonial First State Property Limited

Thanks for facilitating our strategy day, you kept the group on track and focused. I believe we achieved a lot in a short period of time. You provided the framework to define our strategy goals successfully.